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Al Fuentes is a former 2x All-American Collegiate Wrestler, 3x Academic All-American and National Qualifier in Pole Vault. As a two sport collegiate athlete he found success, but not without his fair share of self sabotage. Falling short of his athletic goals was the motivation he needed to understand what got in his way. He quickly realized he mentally wasn't prepared to perform, and subsequently spent the next 17 years trying to find the answers why. In his search he found no comfort in counselors and sports psychologists. He knew what his problems were, what he didn't know was how to fix them. This led him to doing his own research on the mind and what he could do to control it. As an athlete he knew how to physically train, but mentally he was lost. That is when he realized if he could train the mind physically like he trained the body. then he could control it. This soon became his goal, knowing that if he could use the physical body to train the mind, then he would have success and others would too.

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