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Professional racing driver with 30 years experience. Product and sales trainer and facilitator, driver instructor and business owner of Drive Events, LLC. Drive Events, LLC specializes in the experiential marketing segment of the automotive industry. We design, create and implement driving experiences, driving courses, product and sales training events and numerous marketing related events for the industry. Extensive professional and working relationships directly and jointly with major automotive manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, BMW, FCA, Ford, Toyota and many more. Driving instructor at the Porsche Sports Driving School in Birmingham, Alabama. Currently racing FARA series in the #41 ROWE MOTOR OIL BMW Z4 in Florida and the #45 Sesana Racing Team West Turbo in the Colombian Touring Series. 2018 FARA Class Champion, 2018, 2019 6 Hours of Bogota Winner.

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